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The Panoramic View Hotel stands high on Lalibela Mountain, commanding breathtaking views of the surrounding Ethiopian highlands and countryside in all directions. Our hotel boasts beautiful landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets, combined with convenient access to magical Lalibela. The famous churches of Lalibela are only a 10 minute walk, with many restaurants, artisan shops, and bars located nearby. As the name of our hotel implies, the views dazzle guests from dawn to dusk, offering a Panoramic View of both the city of Lalibela and the Ethiopian countryside as well. The Panoramic View Hotel also offers high quality, clean, and safe rooms, coupled with dedicated and personalized service. Our goal is to make an enjoyable and comfortable stay for our guests, and we go out of our way to accommodate all special requests.

We invite you to relax in our clean and comfortable rooms, delight in our culinary preparations, and immerse yourself in Lalibela’s unique history and incredible geography – all at an affordable rate.

This hotel was my last stop on a tour through the historic route in Ethiopia. Mr. Amdemariam Ayalew, manager and owner of the hotel, not only was very responsive from the first moment since I booked my room but also was very attentive in general. He built a plan for my visit to Lalibela churches and, most important, he trusted me to the wonderful guide, Abebe, and driver, Mesfin, who were. The hotel is comfortable enough, and everybody there was so warm and caring. Shower was good too, and the room and bathroom spacious. [ + More ]
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