Our hotel boasts a spacious bar and restaurant, providing high-quality food in a clean, friendly, and authentic Lalibela atmosphere. As such, our talented chef uses the finest ingredients available to prepare our food, and each bartender and server is dedicated to providing swift service without sacrificing quality. Traditional Ethiopian and international dishes prepated by our highly-trained staff are available at all times, and our menu changes slightly throughout the year depending on the season and availability of fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy meals inside the restaurant or on our rooftop terrace!

After dinner, relax and enjoy a wide selection of beverages from the main bar, while marveling at the surrounding landscapes. Every night we have a bonfire on our rooftop terrace and offer a complimentary coffee ceremony and ‘tej,’ Ethiopia’s famous honey-wine. The coffee ceremony is one of Ethiopia’s proudest and most memorable traditions, so we encourage all guests to participate. Don’t forget, breakfast is free too! Also available upon request is traditional Ethiopian cooking instruction, taught my members of our kitchen staff. If you’re a foodie, this is a must-do! Top off the learning experience with a glass of Tej honey wine.

We invite you to relax in our clean and comfortable rooms, delight in our culinary preparations, and immerse yourself in Lalibela’s unique history and incredible geography – all at an affordable rate.

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